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And take your party back?

I grew up in a Red State.  The Great State of Wyoming.  Small towns never suited me personally and those are the only kind Wyoming has.  Also, I love the ocean and always knew I needed to live near the sea.  As a result I always knew I'd be leaving Wyoming some day, but I still love it.  Wyomingites have to be a special kind of "tough" and there's no other place like it in the world.

While living in Wyoming I had my issues with the politics.  I did grow up in the only Blue county in the entire state.  Yes, there really is one.  But even there being "Blue" was more about labor issues than social ones.  Still, I was glad to be in the county that was more likely to support women's rights than any other.

What I do know about my Republican friends and family:  they are intellectuals (yes, even the rednecks), they are not homophobes, they don't really care who marries who, they aren't pro-lifers, they are supportive of women's rights.  They truly care about this country.  They believe in small government on all fronts.  You know, old school, sensible Republicans.

I love the Alan Simpson rants you can find on the web these days.  Now there's an old school Wyoming Republican.  Whether or not you agree with what he says, he does care about what happens to this country and he's not afraid to say what he really thinks.  Admittedly not the best speaker ever, but at least he's willing to call his own party on it's bullshit.

What I really find appalling about the Republicans these days are the front-running women in the current and last election.  Palin and Bachmann.  Are you f*#king kidding me?!  There have to be a super-ton of intelligent, capable, awesome Republican women leaders out there.  It's impossible that there aren't.  And *this* is what you give us?

Seriously. WTF?!

What's the deal?  Do the smart Republican women not want to put themselves out there in a political climate that demands they denigrate womens' rights and abandon all intelligent discourse in order to get elected?  Well ... I can't say I blame them.  Is it a pipe dream to hope that someone with some common sense and a true love for the wellbeing of all our citizens takes the Republican lead soon?

C'mon folks, please?  Pretty please with red sugar sprinkles on top?


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