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Having crazy dreams of late...

Yesterday morning, on his birthday, I had a dream about a very good friend and his girlfriend getting married.  (No, it wasn't [ profile] buz, it was [ profile] tresdon )  They wore matching tan shorts, green shirts, he had loafers and she wore a cute little pair of flats.  This was important for some reason.  They looked very cute.


This morning I had a dream that I was pointing my camera at a friend to take a picture and when I looked through the viewfinder I saw a wasp. I realized the wasp was inside the lens and remarked upon it to my friend, asking how the hell could a wasp get into my lens?  She asked if I had swapped the lens since the last time I used it and I responded that I hadn't.

While still puzzling over this some random man came by and snatched the camera out of my hands.  I chased after him yelling that I needed my data card.  He pulled the lens off the camera and yanked the stuffing (yes really) and wasp out of the lens.  I think the wasp flew away.  He tossed my data card on the ground where I picked it up.

He handed me the body of the camera back, smiled and walked off with my mutilated lens.  I remembered I had another identical lens so I put it on my camera.  I went to the camera store where I asked how it was possible for a wasp to get inside the lens.  They asked me if I had swapped the lens.  O_o  No I had not.  They had no answers.

Somebody explain that one please.  Oy vey.