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Recyling my favorite Christmas Link
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 I have a great friend in Arizona who is a VERY active Republican.  A few weeks ago he gave me hope when he said he was having a hard time talking himself into voting for McCain.  I have the following from him today:

"I wanted to congratulate you and your candidate on the election last evening. It's truly the beginning of a wonderful new era now that a black man has been elected president. I am actually very excited about the future."

My response:

"Thanks very much.  That's very gracious of you and I'm glad to hear you are excited about the future.  Obviously I am as well.  I thought McCain's speech last night was very well done - one of his best.  I'm sure he'll continue to be an effective member of our Congress."

I almost still can't believe it.  I went to a great house party last night.  Afterward, I soooo wanted to join the folks on
Capitol Hill

, but I was responsible  :o(  and went to bed instead.  Something tells me the parties will continue...

another great story link
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The back woods colony that won it's independence from the most powerful empire in the world.  The one that continued to choose to move in the direction of progress: ending slavery, granting the vote and equal rights to all citizens, sacrificing to protect ourselves and others, creating a place where ideas/advances could flourish.  That America.  WE LIVE THERE STILL!  Absolutely, heart-wrenchingly AMAZING!

We chose the candidate that rejected hateful and divisive politics.  We chose the candidate that did NOT have people chanting death threats and spewing hatred from his rallies.  We chose the candidate who made HOPE his message, who seeks to inspire us to be better and to work together.  That's who we picked.  Damn we're good.

There's a monumental amout of work to be done and still much that is wrong with every party in this nation.  But tonight is worth celebrating.  Tonight at least, we are an America our forefathers would be proud of.


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